Friday, June 11, 2021

June 7-11

In our Games Quest, many Eagles have completed their requirements for Level 1 games and are exploring Level 2.  These games are more challenging, have more complicated rules, and require more strategy or teamwork.  


As a team, Eagles can earn points for their Squad by playing team games.  The winning team earns 20 points towards the Squad Cup that will be given to the winning team at the Exhibition.  Many Eagles played Red Rover for their first time ever for a chance to win points for their team. 

The most popular Level 2 game quickly became Dodgeball! The Eagles chose to pick team captains and have the team captains choose members.  The teams then created a middle line and boundaries.  After reading the rules of the game, they have spent over 3 hours this week playing Dodgeball! 

In Writer's Workshop, we are still focusing on reflection.  Each day Eagles are faced with a question that challenges them to think about their choices and experiences during Quest. 


On Fridays, Eagles are given multiple questions to answer and have critiqued by their peers.  Most sessions, Eagles are working on one or two pieces to take through the Writing Process.  At the end of this session, they will have a total of 16 different reflections!  Eagles have the choice to handwrite or type their responses, as well as keep them as one document or 16 different pages.  


In the last 2 weeks many Eagles have earned Badges! John mastered Khan Early Math and 2nd grade to earn his Level 1 and 2 math badges!  Layla showered mastery in Level 2 math and our first Writer's Workshop badge was earned!  To earn her badge, Grae had to complete multiple Writer's Workshops, have them checked for excellence by the Excellence Committee.  Congraulations on your hard work and perseverance Eagles! 


Friday, June 4, 2021

June 1-4

Welcome to Session 7! Our final session of our first year at Acton Academy Amarillo! 

This session is all about games! Eagles are focusing on teamwork, learning new strategies, encouragement, and conflict management.  They are being challenged to games at 3 different levels.  They will move through each level by completing various types of games; strategy, physical, social, and performance. 


For this Quest, Eagles are split into 2 different teams, or Squads.  To kick off our session, the Squads were challenged to a Scavenger Hunt.  Each Squad solved clues that lead them to 8 different stations.  At these stations, they completed various games in an attempt to beat the other Squad's score.  


In one game, Squads had to stack 55 cups into a tower and unstack it without letting it fall!  One team took 15 minutes and many attempts, but persevered and used teamwork and came up with a strategy to complete the challenge! 


Squad 2 is in the lead with 70 points over Squad 1!  But each team displayed excellent teamwork and kindness to earn their Squad 50 points! 

For our Writer's Workshop, we are focusing on reflection.  Digging deep into our thoughts, the reasons for our actions, and how it affects our teammates.  As a group, Eagles are reflecting on their experiences during the Games Quest, then head off to handwrite or type their own thoughts.  


On Fridays, Eagles buddy up with their peers to edit and revise their reflections.  As editing and revising buddies, they are challenged to identify one change they recommend their friend should make to his/her work.  

Last session, an Eagle brought up the idea of a Wonderland Night for Acton.  The Eagles unanimously agreed and that Eagle was challenged with finding a date and creating flyers for the studio.  The Eagles went above and beyond by setting up a meeting with Wonderland to donate proceeds of the ticket sells to Acton.  Thursday night, many Eagles met at Wonderland to have fun with their peers outside of the studio.  Such a great idea! 


Friday, May 21, 2021

May 17-21

Wow, what a week! 

In this session's Quest, Detective Training, Eagles worked through 12 different challenges that taught them how to use clues and biology to catch suspects.  So, for our Exhibition the Eagles created a crime for their parents to solve! 



Many Eagles chose to step up and lead the Exhibition planning.  To choose the Eagles who would lead it, the studio decided to have a secret ballot.  The 2 voted-on Eagles were given a list of preparation questions and set off to work! They designated jobs, wrote a crime, set up a crime scene, created challenges for the parents, designed a program, set up work spaces, and planned discussion questions. 


The Eagles began their Exhibition by setting the stage... Someone stole a diamond toilet from Barb Smith's house. The 3 suspects were Augustus Ceasar the landlord, Rose Lily the housekeeper, and Bob Smith the husband.  The housekeeper Rose Lily was cleaning the house and went to the bathroom to notice the toilet was missing! During this time, the landlord was busy mowing the grass and Bob was headed home on his private jet. Parents were then tasked with solving the crime and discovering which suspect stole the diamond toilet! 


Eagles created 5 challenges for the parents to complete to help them find the culprit.  They began with an investigation and drawing of the crime scene, as well as an evidence checklist.  They then were given the fingerprints gathered by the CSI team to compare to the fingerprints found at the scene.  The Eagles even provided parents with a conversion to calulate the suspect's height based on the footprint left behind.  Their final task was to compare the three suspects' handwritings to a note found at the scene.  Families who completed the 5 challenges earned their own Detective badge! 



The Eagles completed the Exhibition by sharing Minute Mysteries they had written and discussing their favorite challenges from Quest and Exhibition. 


So many other fun things happened this week!

Tuesday, the Eagles celebrated the end of their music exploration with some Karaoke! They were provided a list of songs to choose from and the freedom to perform how they wished.  They had so much fun! 


Thursday, we tested our athletic progress with an Acton Olympics.  Eagles were challenged to a 40 meter sprint, 400 meter run around the field, 1 minute of burpees and a max plank hold.  The goal was to beat their previous scores from February and October.  We had some incredible times! Anyone want to challenge these Eagles to a plank hold?! We had some hold a plank for 10 MINUTES! 


Our toughest Writer's Workshop yet is complete!  This session the Eagles had to complete two sets of instructions and take them all the way through the writing process. Many Eagles stepped up to the challenge and turned in their work to be checked by the Excellence Committee to earn a piece of their Writing Badge.  The Eagles decided that on June 4th they would compile any completed instructions to make 'A Big Book of Instructions' for the studio.  


We finished our week with another hard-earned badge! Congratulations Grae on earning your Level 2 Math Badge! 

Enjoy your break and we will see you back in the studio June 1st! 

June 7-11

In our Games Quest, many Eagles have completed their requirements for Level 1 games and are exploring Level 2.  These games are more challen...